Board Certified In Marital And Family Law

Attorney Phil Schipani is one of only 11 attorneys currently Board Certified for Marital and Family Law by the Florida Bar in Sarasota. Board certification is one of the highest recognitions a lawyer in Florida can receive.

"Board Certified lawyers are legal experts dedicated to professional excellence."

Per the Florida Bar website, "Only 7 percent of eligible Florida Bar members are board certified. The very difficult testing and extensive professional conduct is such a high standard that just 7 percent of our eligible membership has achieved this level of recognition." This is the Florida Bar's highest level of evaluation of an attorney's competence and experience in an area of law approved for certification by the Florida Supreme Court.

This allows a Florida Bar Board Certified attorney to refer to himself as an expert, a specialist in his area of law, and therefore Mr. Schipani is acknowledged as an expert or specialist in marital and family law.

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