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Why joint custody often is the best arrangement

When Florida couples divorce, child custody often is one of their main issues. Both parents love the children, and neither wants to be the absentee parent who the children visit every other weekend and on alternating holidays. If at all possible, the parents should strongly consider joint custody after their divorce. Such arrangements began springing up across the country a few years ago, and today the prevailing opinion of state legislatures, divorce court judges, family law practitioners and child psychology experts is that joint custody benefits not only the children, but their parents as well.

When your former partner wants to relocate with your child

Separating from a former partner is almost always difficult, but there can be even more hurdles involved when the two of you share a Florida child and one of you wants to relocate. At the Law Office of Philip J. Schipani, we understand the state’s rules when it comes to relocating with a child, and we have helped many clients on both sides of the equation achieve solutions that meet their needs.

When your child’s other parent is a substance abuser

As a Florida parent, you likely want the very best for your child, but when your child’s other parent abuses substances, it can raise questions about exactly what “best interests of the child” really means. At the Law Office of Philip J. Schipani, we understand that you want to protect your child, and we have helped many parents facing similar circumstances navigate co-parenting with a substance abuser.

Is joint custody worth the effort?

Divorcing parents in Florida have lots of decisions to make, and one of the biggest relates to child custody. If you are wondering whether your child should stay mostly with you or move back and forth in a shared - or joint custody -  arrangement, you may want to consider a study Swedish researchers released in 2015.

How do judges determine the best interests of a child?

Many divorces involve the question of what will happen to the children of the splitting couple. Will the children divide their visitation time between the ex-spouses equally, will they spend more time with the other, or is one spouse even unfit to house the children at all? When these questions are in the hands of a Florida judge, expect these issues to be examined in light of what the child’s or children’s best interests are.

Determining your moral fitness

Many of the Sarasota clients that we here at The Law Office of Phillip J. Schipani, P.A. have worked with have found setting aside their emotions towards their ex-spouses in order to work together to create a parenting plan to be one of the most difficult elements of their divorces. With the pain associated with your breakup still fresh in both your minds, it may be easy to see why both you and your ex-spouse believe yourselves individually as being the better option to raise your kids. The law, however, has set its own standard on how custody should be determined. 

How are unmarried parental rights determined?

If you are having a baby and are not married, you may wonder about your parental rights in Florida. Mothers and fathers need to be concerned because having the legal rights to a child is important to ensure you have the ability to raise and care for the child without interference from others. 

How to adjust to being a stepparent

It is not uncommon for people in Florida to marry someone who already has children. When this happens, that person becomes a stepparent. It is a difficult job to take on because it requires being an active part of a child's life, one whom the person may not know too well. Luckily, there have been many people who have taken on such a role and have offered some helpful advice to new stepparents.

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