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Is it possible to divorce-proof a marriage?

Whether you are just beginning a marriage or have just filed for divorce in Florida, you may wonder if there is or was anything you could do to save your marriage. Are there certain characteristics that are shared by people who have lasting marriages? If so, could you employ them in your marriage? According to The Atlantic, there are characteristics that are shared by long-lasting marriages. However, these basic characteristics are often a sign of something larger that is actually what helps couples stay together.

What factors go into determining who gets alimony?

If you should happen to seek a divorce settlement in a Florida court of law, you may wonder whether a judge will grant you ailmony. It is true that divorce cases can vary widely, and whether a judge grants ailmony will largely depend on the particulars of the case. According to Florida law, there are several common factors that a court uses to determine if ailmony is warranted. 

Methods spouses use to hide property

Many Florida spouses hide purchases from one another in marriages, but hiding how much you spend on, say, shoes or sporting equipment is not the same as hiding assets so not to split them in divorce. Regrettably, however, many divorces arise because of a breakdown of trust, and if this sounds like your own marriage, you may no longer have complete faith in your partner with regard to finances. At the Law Office of Philip J. Schipani, we have a comprehensive understanding of the methods spouses often use to conceal assets from one another, and we have helped many divorcing parties uncover hidden assets and receive their fair share.

What can you do about vaccination disagreements?

As a divorced parent in Florida, you should understand the importance of working with your child's other parent. Parenting decisions have to be a cooperative effort. What happens, though, when you disagree on an issue? Finding a solution can be very difficult, especially if you are arguing over vaccinating your child. How can you resolve this dispute?

Tips on managing parenting time

While there are many aspects of a divorce in Florida that can be stressful and emotional, splitting the care of your children is considered to be the most difficult by many parents. While it is impossible to control the actions of your ex-spouse, there are things you can do to make your parenting split simpler and more peaceful. We at the Law Office of Philip J. Schipani can not only help you arrange the best schedule for your needs, but also offer tips on how to manage the agreement. 

Should you get a post-nup if you aren't divorcing?

As a couple in Florida who's considering getting a divorce, you may also be looking into a post-nuptial agreement. Fortunately for you, getting a post-nuptial agreement doesn't set your divorce in stone. In fact, it can be a way to help your marriage mend, if that's the route you want to take.

Mandatory mediation in Florida divorce cases

When couples enter the family law system in Florida, they have no choice but to agree to mediation. The Law Office of Philip J. Schipani understands mediation can be something you are not familiar with, so you may need guidance. The general idea here is to talk through your issues and come to an agreement in order to minimize the time you spend in court.

Dividing artwork during divorce

Handling the division of property can be difficult in any divorce, but certain occupations and hobbies can make the process even more complicated. If you are an artist in Florida, you may find that determining ownership of your artwork is trickier than you imagined it would be. We at The Law Office of Philip J. Schipani can help you reach a fair and reasonable agreement during your divorce, even if that means splitting your artwork.

Things you may not know about child support in Florida

Whether you have been ordered to pay child support or are on the receiving end, there are several things that you may not know about this program that could affect you and your family. We at The Law Office of Philip J. Schipani can not only help you fight for your rights while you are going through divorce, but can also provide education on the little-known details of Florida child support.

Managing the strong emotions that can come with divorce

With divorce, there are a plethora of issues that couples may have to work through. For example, they may have no agreement on how to handle child custody, child support and other matters. At Philip J. Schipani, we know some of the other ways that divorce could affect you if you reside in Sarasota, or in another one of Florida’s counties. For example, you may have to work through very strong emotions, which can be especially true if you are going through a high asset divorce.

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