Helping Clients With The Most Important Legal Issue: Those Involving Their Children

If you are contemplating or involved in a divorce and you have minor children, your biggest concern is likely for the welfare of your children. When making decisions about where they will live and when you will see them, you want to make choices that are best for them, but you also want to know that you will play a meaningful role in their lives.

Child Custody Attorney In Sarasota, Florida: Custody And Support — Focused On The Best Interests Of Your Family

At Schipani and Norman, P.A. in Sarasota, our lawyers represent men and women throughout southwest Florida in child custody and child support matters. We encourage all of our family law clients to work toward solutions that place children and family relationships first. We also help establish paternity for children born outside of marriage. We understand the emotional challenges that come with difficult decisions about custody, parenting plans and child support. We work hard to help you quickly and easily find solutions that meet your needs.

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Florida Child Custody Arrangements

Florida has established clear guidelines for determining custody. However, you can avoid having the court tell you what your parenting plan will look like by coming to an agreement with the other parent of your child. At your initial consultation, we can give you a rough estimate of child support payments in your situation using the state's guidelines right on our computers.

We will help you establish and implement custody and visitation arrangements that are in the best interests of your children while protecting your rights as a parent. We will make certain that the parenting plan you put together addresses all issues, so that you avoid a return to court over minor issues.

We work with men and women at all stages of a custody matter, from the determination of temporary custody while your divorce is pending through post-judgment requests for modification or enforcement of existing child custody orders. We have experience handling different kinds of parenting plans, including long-distance and high-conflict parenting plans.

Attorney Schipani has successfully mediated over 100 family law matters. He will take your case to court, but can also help you get through this rough time quicker and at a lower cost by helping you reach an agreement in mediation.

We handle custody modifications, including parental relocation and out-of-state custody proceedings. Our attorneys also have the experience to handle complex issues such as abduction by a noncustodial parent.

Florida Child Support Guidelines

In Florida, child support is calculated by applying a formula provided by the state, which factors in the income of each parent, day care costs and health insurance expenses. We will review all proposed child support orders for compliance with state guidelines and to ensure that all income is correctly included. Deviations from the guidelines are allowed, but require the intervention of the court if greater than 5 percent. We will also assist with motions for the modification or enforcement of child support payments.

For More Information About Child Custody And Support

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