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Can I get full custody as a father?

If you are a father going through divorce in Florida, you are likely worried about your chances of gaining custody of your children. In the past, mothers were often given preference when it came to custody of the children and fathers were limited to visitation. Most judges have changed their attitudes in recent years and realized that fathers have just as much right and ability to be single parents as mothers.

How divorce can affect your immigration status

Seeking a divorce in Florida can be complex, with questions about your assets, family and the reason for the separation. If you are attempting to dissolve your marriage, you may also have to answer questions about your immigration status and residency. The United States government wants to prevent immigrants from marrying a citizen solely for the purpose of gaining citizenship, so you need to be aware of the differences that will exist if you do not have permanent residence status yet. We at The Law Office of Philip J. Shipani work to ensure that you have the information and guidance to navigate divorce without affecting your citizenship.

When and why to use a QDRO

If you and your spouse have been considering ending your marriage in Florida, you know that the decision to do this will touch every part of your lives. From a financial perspective, it will change your daily and monthly living costs as it is generally more expensive to live alone than with someone else. However, the financial implication of a divorce extends far beyond the here and now.

What does state law have to say about pet ownership?

In countless households across the U.S. pets are treated as more than just companions, but rather as members of the family. In case you have a hard time believing this, you needn't look any further than the thriving number of pet boutiques, the proliferation of "pet-friendly" spaces and even the back windows of passing cars with their ubiquitous stick-figure family decals.

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