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2 signs of parental alienation during divorce

If you are in the middle of a bitter and painful divorce and you have kids, there is a strong possibility that their other parent will try to turn them against you. You may feel your children are old enough not to fall prey to your ex-partner’s tactics. But they are young, impressionable and not necessarily capable of knowing their other parent is manipulating them. 

How can I deal with a spouse making our divorce difficult?

In Florida, there are couples getting divorced every day. Some of these couples may have an easy time ending their marriages while others may end up in a serious legal battle. If you fall into the last category, the chances are good that your divorce is dragging on because one of you is making things unnessaccarily difficult. 

Under what circumstances can alimony be altered?

Florida alimony payments are not set in stone. Even after a court has ordered one party of a divorcing couple to pay alimony, Florida statute 61.14 lays out several circumstances that allow for a court to alter the alimony terms after the initial terms have been set.

How are unmarried parental rights determined?

If you are having a baby and are not married, you may wonder about your parental rights in Florida. Mothers and fathers need to be concerned because having the legal rights to a child is important to ensure you have the ability to raise and care for the child without interference from others. 

Is it possible to divorce-proof a marriage?

Whether you are just beginning a marriage or have just filed for divorce in Florida, you may wonder if there is or was anything you could do to save your marriage. Are there certain characteristics that are shared by people who have lasting marriages? If so, could you employ them in your marriage? According to The Atlantic, there are characteristics that are shared by long-lasting marriages. However, these basic characteristics are often a sign of something larger that is actually what helps couples stay together.

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