What Is A Domestic Partner?

You and your partner may choose to live together without getting married. Unfortunately, like marriages, not all domestic partnerships last. Without an agreement spelling out your property rights, dissolving your financial ties with your partner can be complex. At Schipani & Norman, P.A. in Sarasota, Florida, our goal is to help you protect your financial interests and avoid future disputes when entering a domestic partnership. Our lawyers are also here to advise you if your relationship with your partner ends. We handle cases both with and without a domestic partnership agreement.

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What Property Rights Do I Have?

The separation of a domestic partnership does not fall under dissolution rules, but many of the same property division standards apply. In these legal matters, it is best to have an experienced Florida domestic partner lawyer who will stand up for you and protect your rights and assets throughout the proceedings.

If a domestic partnership agreement — the equivalent of a prenuptial agreement — has not been signed, the division of property and assets can be complex. Let our attorneys help you move quickly and efficiently through this process, so you can move on with your new life.

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