Seasoned Legal Counsel For High-Asset Divorce

Divorce involving individuals with significant assets and earnings carries with it a much more complex set of issues. Achieving an equitable division of marital property often involves the use of forensic accountants, professional appraisers and other experts. At Schipani & Norman, P.A., in Sarasota, Florida, our lawyers have the experience to handle the most complex divisions of marital property. You can trust us to protect your interests with respect to equitable division of significant assets such as:

  • Businesses
  • Professional practices
  • Stock accounts
  • Offshore bank accounts
  • Hidden assets
  • Stock options and executive compensation
  • Deferred compensation
  • Wine collections
  • Art collections
  • Antiques and collectibles

If you or your partner has significant assets and earnings, divorce planning is essential. It’s important to collect financial records of all of the assets you and your spouse own. Unfortunately, some people move assets, sell assets, hide assets or waste assets when divorce is imminent. The sooner you contact our attorneys, the sooner we can advise you about steps you can take to:

  • Protect your separate property
  • Identify and value marital property

In addition to protecting your property rights, we can advise you concerning spousal maintenance and child support.

For More Information About Division Of Complex Assets

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