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How to create a visitation schedule for an infant

A divorce for Florida parents can mean they need to create a schedule for custody and visitation. If the child is an infant, the visitation schedule may involve short visits a few times as week. Overnight visits can be beneficial in building a bond between the child and the noncustodial parent, but some courts prefer to wait until the child is older. Frequency of visits is more important, and the child will still bond with the other parent whether or not there are overnights.

Detailing Florida’s default custody schedule

A great deal of emotion can be involved in divorce cases in Sarasota. Couples who once held each other in high regard can often find that those feelings remain equally strong (they now simply have a negative connotation). This contention can make coming to mutual agreements on important issues such as child custody difficult.

How can I coparent well during the school year?

If you are one of the many parents in Florida who has gotten separated or divorced since the last school year ended, the beginning of a new school year might have you wondering how in the world you can or should manage your children's schedules once school gets under way again. Working with a former partner is rarely easy and the extra concern you have about the impact on your of moving between two homes during school can only add to that.

How should I deal with visitation issues?

Even when one parent has sole custody of a child, the court will allow the other parent visitation. This is done so that both parents can develop a strong and loving relationship with the child, which is crucial to a happy and healthy life. However, many parents have issues with visitation that can be perplexing to address. Very Well Family offers the following advice, so you can take the proper steps to remedy visitation problems between you and your ex. 

My ex is a narcissist, now what?

Co-parenting is not without its ups and downs. This is especially true when your ex is given to narcissistic behaviors. Co-parenting can seem all but impossible under these circumstances, but you must ensure your children feel loved and supported at all times. Psychology Today explains how you can co-parent with a former spouse when he or she proves difficult to deal with. 

Arranging for a summer vacation with your children

Working out a parenting plan is challenging for many Florida parents. Arranging time on school nights, trading off weekends, and making sure both of you consider the major holidays can be emotionally taxing. So, when it comes time to modify the plan for summer vacations, it may seem a near-impossible task. As Schipani and Norman, P.A., we often work with clients towards solutions that put the children first and mediate parenting plan modifications.

How can you fit a summer vacation into your custody schedule?

As your children's school year in Sarasota enters its final few months, your thoughts inevitably turn to how to maximize the additional time that you will have with your kids during their long summer break. Part of that typically includes an extended family vacation, which can be difficult if you share custody with your ex-spouse. You certainly do not want to spend your time on vacation with the cloud of strife between you and your ex-spouse hanging over you. How, then, can you make a summer vacation work. 

What factors go into child custody determination?

If you are a parent in Florida and are going through a divorce, one of your biggest concerns is probably what will happen to your children. There are numerous factors that a judge considers when making this decision, and it usually comes down to what is in the best interest of the child.

Can joint-custody arrangements be beneficial for children?

Even if you count yourself among the lucky few who are able to maintain cordial relationships with their former spouses following a Florida divorce, you may still find yourself struggling in its aftermath. This may prove especially true if you are also coming to terms with a new custody arrangement, as it can be tremendously difficult to go from sharing the same home with your children to sleeping in a different place at night.

When can you file for child custody modification?

Although child custody arrangements may be included in your final divorce settlement, they are not set in stone. Life circumstances often change, and the parenting schedule that worked out before, may not continue to work in the future. There are ways you can modify your child custody schedule so that it makes a better fit for everyone involved. Child custody arrangements may need to be revisited every three years, as children grow older and their interests, needs, education and extracurricular needs change. When both parents agree on the schedule change, a simple agreement can be filed. Yet, when one parent does not agree, a modification of the child custody order may be filed, and the court will then determine if the change is in the best interest of the child.

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