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What are the advantages of mediation and how does it work?

You may have wanted to file for divorce for some time, but you are putting it off because of the potential nightmare of a court battle. You and other Florida residents have other options for ending your marriage, such as mediation. An uncontested divorce – meaning a divorce that is not litigated in court – is not for everyone, but if it works for you, you might find the advantages greatly relieve some of your stress during this heart-wrenching time.

How can child custody affect child support payments?

If you have recently filed for divorce in Florida, you may be dealing with strong emotions as you negotiate the terms of child custody and child support. Whether you receive sole physical custody of your child or you are working out a joint-custody arrangement, the amount of child support you receive or pay may be directly affected by the amount of time you spend with your child.

Adoption revisited

Many Florida couples consider adoption when they cannot have children of their own. Others see little ones in need of homes and reach out from a sense of compassion and empathy. Whether you belong in the first category or the second, you may have a lot of questions as you wrestle with the idea of adding to your family through adoption.

Is mediation the best same-sex divorce option?

If you and your Florida same-sex spouse have decided to call it quits, you may face some difficulties if you seek a regular litigated divorce. Why? Because although Florida recognizes same-sex marriages, our divorce laws may not adequately address your particular divorce issues.

Escape from domestic violence requires help and caution

Many marriages are miserable to exist in, but for some Florida residents, their marriages can be unbearable and even dangerous. It is not always easy to escape an abusive marriage, either. Getting away from an abusive spouse usually requires a plan of escape, as well as numerous allies to assist.

What is the purpose of family law?

They say you can choose your friends, but you cannot choose your family. This is not entirely true, since many Florida families choose to open their homes to new members every day through the avenue of adoption. Others opt to extend hospitality to people in need who eventually become like brothers and sisters.

Do Florida grandparents have visitation rights?

If you live in Florida and have a grandchild who has separated, divorced or imprisoned parents, a time may come when you want to pursue legal visitation with your grandchild. Perhaps your child’s other parent is hesitant to allow you to spend time with your grandchild, or maybe you fear for your grandchild’s well-being when he or she is in the company of his or her parents. Regardless of your reason for pursuing visitation, though, your situation must meet certain criteria for your quest to prove successful.

Is it a good idea to represent yourself in family law court?

Florida family law covers a wide range of legal issues, from alimony and child support to property division and post-divorce modifications. If you find yourself in a situation that requires lawful intervention, why not forego the hassle of attorney meetings and fees? Why not represent yourself, Pro Se, as they call it? 

What is cyberstalking?

If you are a Florida domestic abuse victim, you probably have done and are doing everything you can to protect yourself and your children. This may include getting an order of protection against your abuser preventing him or her from coming near you. However, in this day of ever-increasing technology, determined abusers have other ways of harassing you and keeping track of your comings and goings. One of these is by cyberstalking you.

Do family courts still mainly side with mothers in custody cases?

It used to be that almost any custody case heard in family court would end with the mother getting custody. This was due to a few factors. First, family units in Flordia usually had a father who worked and a mother who raised the kids. The courts believed since the children were raised by the mother, they should stay with the mother. Another reason is that there used ot be a belief that children age seven and under needed to be with their mothers for proper development. All of these ideas are outdated, and family courts now operate under new rules.

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