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What traits do abusers have in common?

Domestic abusers in Florida can be hard to recognize. They tend to behave much better in public and around casual acquaintances. People outside the relationship often find them to be nice, pleasant or charming. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, only 10% of people who commit domestic violence have criminal records, and most only pose a threat to their intimate partners. Even if you are the one experiencing the abuse, it can be difficult to recognize a partner's behavior for what it is. This is because there is a psychological component to the abuse that causes you to doubt the evidence of your senses. 

Are there requirements to adopt a child?

Adoption is an intensive process for parents. Adoption agencies want to ensure that a prospective parent meets certain requirements, which ensures that children are placed into loving and supportive homes. While these requirements tend to vary based on the type of adoption and the agency you're working with, there are general rules that apply in most cases.

How is paternity determined in Florida?

Establishing paternity may be viewed by many in Sarasota as little more than talk show fodder. This is no doubt due to the assumption that if there is even a question of paternity, it likely means that the man believed to be a child's father is trying to duck his parental responsibilities (such as paying child support). That such a thought is even implied might also lead many to assume that there is an element of vindictiveness present on the part of the child's mother. Yet that may rarely be the case. Most often, establishing paternity is simply meant to legally recognize the link between father and child. 

Determining the custody of pets

Most in Sarasota would likely agree that going into a divorce, one of the most potentially contentious issues a couple will deal with is the custody of their children. Family matters often involve a great deal of emotion, yet it should be remembered that parents and children do not always make up the entirety of a family. What about a couple's pets? Oftentimes, they are also viewed as being part of family. How, then, does the court determine who gets custody of them? 

Reclaiming a relationship with your grandchild

Family dynamics in Florida are often complicated. If your child has divorced their spouse or passed away, you may no longer enjoy spending time with your grandchildren due to visitation issues. At Schipani and Norman, P.A., we often represent clients who file for grandparent visitation rights.

Is your ex-spouse in a supportive relationship?

Despite the circumstances that led to your divorce in Sarasota, you may have no issue in helping your ex-spouse move on after your marriage has ended. That may include paying them spousal support (if you were the primary wage-earner in your marital home). Yet the purpose of spousal support is not for your to remain indebted to your ex-spouse indefinitely. If they have come to rely on that support as part of their income, they may look to do all they can to keep you obligated to pay it. 

How do you establish a domestic partnership in Florida?

If you and your same-sex partner wish to make your relationship legally binding in Florida, one of the ways you can do this is by establishing a domestic partnership. As the City of Sarasota explains, a domestic partnership consists of two adults who have met the criteria and who have filed an affidavit of domestic partnership registration.

Does Florida recognize common law marriage?

If you and your partner are currently living together in Florida without benefit of marriage, are the two of you nevertheless legally married even though you never went through a marriage ceremony? The answer to that question depends on the state in which you lived at the time you and your partner started living together.

What things can I legitimately spend my child support on?

As a divorced Florida parent receiving child support from your former spouse, you likely have nagging worries about how you can legitimately spend that money and who, if anyone, can take issue with the way you spend it. Fortunately for you, FindLaw explains that you can spend your child support money virtually however you want as long as those expenditures benefit your child in some way.

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