When Can Alimony Be Stopped Or Changed?

Alimony payments in Florida are not necessarily forever. There are circumstances when payments can be modified or stopped.

As with child support orders, changing circumstances can lead to a change in the amount an ex is required to pay.

Even ‘permanent’ alimony can be changed

There are different types of alimony in Florida. For example, following a divorce one partner may be required to pay temporary alimony to the other until the divorce is final. The court may also order alimony to bridge the gap until the recipient is able to support himself or herself. Even if the alimony is labeled as “permanent,” it may not last forever.

Here are examples of times when permanent alimony payments may be modified or stopped in Florida:

  • The person receiving alimony remarries
  • The person receiving alimony has a live-in relationship with another partner
  • The payer’s or recipient’s financial circumstances have changed significantly
  • Either party dies

Florida does not have a formula for determining alimony. To protect your financial interests, it is important to seek representation from an experienced Florida family law attorney when determining alimony during divorce and if you or your ex seeks to change it.