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Fighting for or sharing child custody with your ex-spouse can be a recipe for conflict. You may find it hard to agree with your co-parent regarding major decisions about education, healthcare, religious upbringing, which can lead to a substantial amount of conflict. Often, differences you and your ex-partner could not resolve in marriage blow up into even a larger issue in a pending or post-divorce situation. Emotions can run high; the issue of child custody and creating and sticking to parenting plans can be one of the most sensitive and challenging of all those connected with the breakup of a family.

In such situations, you can turn to the calm and rational voice of an experienced and competent family law attorney. At Schipani, Norman & McLain, P.A., our legal team is here to help you resolve the difficult issue of custody and visitation both during and following a divorce or what has become known as “parenting plans” in divorce, separation, and paternity cases. With a Board-Certified Marital Law attorney onboard, you will have access to one of the most highly-trained, experienced, and respected family lawyers in the state. Our legal team provides exceptional service in terms of care and professionalism. We have handled complex jurisdictional cases, complex custody cases, international children’s issues, and every manifestation of parental disputes imaginable. Our team is also trained in collaborative law which means we know how to facilitate constructive communication between all parties in search of a positive outcome.

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Parental Disputes in Florida

Parental disputes can occur as a divorce is pending as well as immediately following one when emotions may still be raw. They can also occur years afterward as children grow up, their needs change, and the challenges of parenthood may grow. Furthermore, your circumstances as a parent may change in a post-divorce situation that results in new conflict with your co-parent, such as a remarriage, a need to relocate due to remarriage or employment, illness, job loss, and other challenges. All of these scenarios can result in minor and major parental disputes.

Custody & Parenting Plans

Custody and the creation of a fair and workable parenting plan are the first steps that must be accomplished when parents separate or divorce. Florida law mandates that all parents who share children must create such a plan even when they have not been in a dispute over the arrangement of custody. Our family lawyers have helped thousands of parents during the years of our practice develop such plans, ensuring that they meet the needs of both parents as well as the children. We have handled all kinds of complex parenting plan situations, including those involving uncooperative parents, parents who required supervised parenting time, parents who needed to relocate, and parents involved in blended families.

Helping You Resolve Parenting Disputes

Parental disputes can often be resolved peaceably through negotiation or mediation with the help of a legal professional. These are obviously the most optimum methods and are routes in which our Sarasota parental dispute attorneys excel. Our firm will always try to help you resolve your parental dispute in the most peaceable and efficient manner possible. In some cases, however, disputes must be taken to court where we will fight for your parental rights and the best interests of your children. Either way, you will have a compassionate and determined advocate in your corner throughout the process.

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