The Schipani, Norman & McLain P.A. Team

Sarasota Family Law Attorneys

When you work with our firm, you get access to the combined knowledge and resources of our whole legal team. Each of our lawyers have their own strengths and areas of focus, and by combining our talents, we are able to provide comprehensive assistance to clients facing a diverse range of issues. One thing each of our Sarasota attorneys have in common is our compassion and our focus on taking a personal interest in our clients’ legal matters. We get to know their legal needs while keeping a comfortable distance, which means we will get to know your matter without overstepping boundaries into your personal or emotional issues.

Our team will always perform the right amount of work, as dictated by the needs of your case. We will not over-litigate your issue or drag you into a contentious and public courtroom when it is not necessary. Our confident approach to family legal matters allows our team to act as a dedicated advocate for our clients, providing them with the strength they need to get through their case.

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