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Helping You Smoothly Dissolve Your Marriage

In Florida, when a case is filed in family court, it may be mandatory for the parties to participate in mediation. This is a process where the parties can attempt to resolve the case, or some issues, prior to proceeding to trial. Mediation is designed to help parties resolve disputes on their own terms rather than a decision being made for them by a judge, which can be particularly important for those who have children. At the law firm of Schipani, Norman & McLain, P.A., although our attorneys are well versed and experienced in representing clients in complex litigation, our legal team is also committed to helping couples navigate the mediation process. Also, Attorney Colleen Norman is certified by the Florida Supreme Court as a family law mediator and offers confidential family mediation services, providing parties with an alternative to trial in order to resolve their disputes. As a mediator, Colleen assists parties in navigating through the issues of their respective case with the goal of the parties reaching a settlement on their terms.

Hiring a skilled mediator to facilitate negotiations can make a valuable difference in the success of this process, so do not hesitate to reach out to our law office.

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The Benefits of Mediation

Compared to litigation, which is often acrimonious and highly contentious, mediation allows for more peaceful negotiations. If children are involved mediation is particularly beneficial since it provides the opportunity to agree upon what is in the best interest of the children.

Mediation is often generally a faster, less expensive process when the parties approach the process with the common goal of resolving issues by agreement rather than having the issues decided by a judge. Even if negotiating with the other party seems like a tall order, saving time and legal fees will ultimately benefit everyone. Moreover, the mediation process itself is confidential and, whether or not all of the issues are settled at mediation, the discussions at mediation cannot be shared with anyone not included in the process.

Given that mediation is often a mandatory part of process for family law cases in Florida, hiring a skilled mediator will increase your chances of success, so you can avoid a drawn-out battle in court.

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The mediation process is a smoother process through which spouses can end their marriages and it is often especially beneficial if you have children. Through mediation, you can minimize the tension, hostility, and pave the way for a healthier future for the parties and, when children are included, for the best interest of the children. As a Florida Supreme Court Family Law Mediator, Attorney Colleen Norman will help facilitate peaceful negotiations and keep the conversation on track and facilitate negotiations between the parties in a mutual effort to successfully resolve all of the issues of the case through mediation and avoid a combative litigation process.

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Commonly Asked Questions

What is family law mediation and how does it work in Sarasota?

Family law mediation in Sarasota is a process where parties involved in family court can attempt to resolve their disputes outside of a courtroom setting. It is often mandatory in Florida family law cases and provides a platform for peaceful negotiations, especially when children are involved. A certified mediator, like Attorney Colleen Norman, facilitates the discussions with the goal of reaching a settlement on the parties' terms, which can be more amicable and less costly than traditional litigation.

Why should I consider mediation over going straight to court for my divorce in Sarasota?

Mediation is generally a faster and less expensive alternative to court litigation for resolving divorce issues in Sarasota. It allows for a more peaceful negotiation process, which is particularly beneficial if children are involved, as it focuses on their best interests. Mediation is confidential, and discussions cannot be shared outside the process, providing a private environment to reach an agreement. By hiring a skilled mediator, you increase the chances of a successful resolution without the need for a drawn-out court battle.

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