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Since the advent of the federal legalization of same-sex marriage, many LGBT individuals have chosen to marry. Such marriages confer all of the same rights and privileges on same-sex couples as straight couples enjoy. This area of law is evolving, however, as some aspects of same-sex divorce can be challenging and more difficult, as in the case of nonbiological children.

Some same-sex couples choose not to legally marry. You and your partner may choose to live together without the benefit of legal marriage in what is known as a domestic partnership. Unfortunately, like marriages, not all domestic partnerships last. Without an agreement spelling out your property rights, dissolving your financial ties with your partner can be complex. At Schipani, Norman & McLain, P.A., our goal is to help you protect your financial interests and avoid future disputes when entering a domestic partnership. Our Sarasota domestic partner attorneys are also here to advise you if your relationship with your partner ends. We handle cases both with and without a domestic partnership agreement.

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Your Rights in a Domestic Partnership

Domestic partnerships are usually long-term committed relationships where the couple live together and become financially interdependent. Unfortunately, without benefit of a marriage license or a valid will, you will not enjoy the automatic property rights enjoyed by married individuals should your partnership end or your partner pass away. In the case of death, this can involve inheritance and survivor benefits rights.

The separation of a domestic partnership does not fall under marriage dissolution rules but many of the same property division standards apply. In these legal matters, it is best to have an experienced Florida domestic partner lawyer who will stand up for you and protect your rights and assets throughout any proceedings.

If a domestic partnership agreement — the equivalent of a prenuptial agreement — has not been signed, the division of property and assets can be complex. Let our attorneys help you move quickly and efficiently through this process so you can move on with your new life.

Same-Sex Family Law

Our firm can represent you in any legal issue related to your same-sex relationship. While state and federal law is evolving in this area, Schipani, Norman & McLain, P.A. takes the time to stay current with the latest legal developments.

We can provide competent assistance with all types of legal matters, such as:

  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Cohabitation/domestic partnership agreements created to protect your property rights
  • Legal and medical Powers of Attorney in the event that you become mentally or physically incapacitated
  • Child custody and support matters
  • Same-sex divorce

Ensure that your interests are protected with proper legal planning. At our firm, you can work with a legal team that includes a Marital Law Specialist who is Board Certified by the Florida Bar, a distinction few law firms enjoy. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and legal expertise available.

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