Holiday Co-Parenting Recommendations

Residents in Florida who must raise their children with a former partner know that co-parenting requires a lot of consciousness and effort. This is the case at any time of year but is even more important during the holidays when activities increase, and emotions may run high. Learning how to balance co-parenting with a former spouse or partner will help the adults and the children in the family. 

Thrive Global recommends that parents let go of the calendar as much as possible. Many holiday celebrations do not have to take place on specific days or at specific times. This can open up more opportunities to enjoy some of the most treasured activities. While fitting in some favorite events or traditions, it can be healthy to find new traditions to start as well. 

When it comes to giving gifts, parents should discuss their plans together and ensure they do not fall into the trap of trying to outspend each other simply to gain favor with their children. This type of competition only leaves everyone losing in the long run. 

All holiday plans should be made with the best interest of the kids in mind, not what the parents need or want. Psychology Today even suggests that parents consider participating in some activities together with their children. The ability to do this not only provides special memories for the children but sends a strong message to the kids that the parents are still united in raising the kids even though they are no longer married to each other or in a romantic relationship with each other.