Is It Possible To Divorce Proof A Marriage?

Whether you are just beginning a marriage or have just filed for divorce in Florida, you may wonder if there is or was anything you could do to save your marriage. Are there certain characteristics that are shared by people who have lasting marriages? If so, could you employ them in your marriage? According to The Atlantic, there are characteristics that are shared by long-lasting marriages. However, these basic characteristics are often a sign of something larger that is actually what helps couples stay together.

For example, it is shown that couples who are religious and attend church regularly are less likely to divorce. This might just be the influence of the church and not really because the couple is stable and happy.

Another example is dating for three or more years prior to the marriage. If you date longer, then you get to know the person better. You are not rushing into things. This might be the real reason that couples tend to stay married if they dated longer.

It has also shown that a big wedding with a lot of people is good for a marriage’s future. It likely is not the size of the wedding that has the impact. It is more likely that you will have more family support if you have a larger wedding. 

So, there really is no magic formula to ensure you will not get a divorce. The only real way to strengthen your marriage is to ensure you work to make it strong. This information is educational and not intended as legal advic