How Can You Build Emotional Stamina During Divorce

Divorce is one of those circumstances in life that can require you to have to completely reassess how you have always done things. When you began the process of separating from your spouse in Florida, you may have never anticipated the emotional toll that your decision would take in the days and months afterward. However, with your efforts to work through the process in a manner that is healthy and productive, you can eventually build and increase your emotional stamina and continue to stay focused on improving your life. 

It is easy to become distracted by all that is happening when you are facing the pressure of arranging child custody agreements, negotiating who will get which assets and facing the fact that your marriage is no longer a relationship with primary importance. Being able to focus adequately on your job, your role as a parent and even on your own personal needs can become more burdensome, especially if you are not handling your emotions in a healthy way. 

According to, one way to better manage your emotions is to allow yourself time and space to sit and think or do something creative. This may mean you have to literally schedule time each day to do this, but it is invaluable in allowing you space to breathe and take a minute away from your pressing responsibilities and the thoughts that accompany them. Other suggestions include building your capacity to be able to think logically and rationally by doing things like meditating, exercising or journaling. 

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