The Clues Social Media Provides In A Divorce

Floridians who are separating from or divorcing their spouses need to think about the various ways they can protect themselves during the process of identifying their final settlements with their partners. One of the things that people should pay special attention to at this time is social media. While this platform has become all but ubiquitous in society today, taking a break from it when in the midst of a divorce may be in one’s best interests. 

The National Law Review reported that online affairs contribute to legal action being initiated in 33 percent of all divorce cases. More than eight out of every 10 divorce lawyers find using social media as evidence in court useful and two out of every three cases leverage some content from Facebook as primary evidence to support a point.

Just what type of evidence might a person’s social platform provide? As Forbes explains, a single post or a series of posts may shed light on a different financial story than what a person is actually asserting. For example, one spouse might claim they cannot afford alimony or even child support payments. However, if they subsequently put up pictures of them enjoying a lavish vacation, their honesty about their ability to pay spousal or child support may be called into question.

It is important to note that people might want to discuss post guidelines with their friends as well since content put up by someone else may still link back to the spouse getting divorced. Given that most married couples share common online friends, these things can be all too easy to be found.