Arranging For A Summer Vacation With Your Children

Working out a parenting plan is challenging for many Florida parents. Arranging time on school nights, trading off weekends, and making sure both of you consider the major holidays can be emotionally taxing. So, when it comes time to modify the plan for summer vacations, it may seem a near-impossible task. As Schipani and Norman, P.A., we often work with clients towards solutions that put the children first and mediate parenting plan modifications.

According to Our Family Wizard, if you have not yet developed a schedule with your ex, addressing the summer holidays now may make sense. Although it may not be possible to share vacation details immediately, discussing the potential dates and destination can make modifications easier as the summer approaches.

Summer camps, extracurricular activities and flights can strain the finances of a single parent household. Sharing the expenses can help ensure your kids enjoy their summer and that they are not penalized for your split. Placing responsibility on the other parent if they cannot afford the vacation on their own risks alienating them. While you may have preferences in the way your children spend the summer, they likely do as well.

Although it is essential to have routine and structure, make sure you consider your children’s interests and needs. Ask them about things they would like to do over the summer. They may have their hearts set on going to soccer camp rather than traveling away from the people and places they know.

Being flexible and working with your ex is critical to having the summer months pass smoothly. Maintaining contact and signing any travel documents needed can help make the vacation a success. If your ex has a new partner, take the time to meet them and make sure your kids do too.  This can help relieve some of the stress the change in schedule and circumstances can cause. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.