Can Dating Apps Hurt Your Child Custody Case?

Like most parents, you want to provide the best upbringing possible for your children. If you are going through a divorce, though, you may worry about losing either legal or physical custody of your kids. While committing to being an effective parent is a good strategy for keeping custody, you also must think about what you post online. 

Dating apps have become unbelievably popular in recent years. Instead of leaving your home to meet potential new partners, you can scroll through thousands of prospects from your couch. While there is nothing inherently wrong with either moving on with your life or downloading a dating app, your online profile may harm your child custody case. 

Are you really single?

Dating apps allow you to be virtually anyone. If you claim to be single when you are still with your spouse, though, you may seem to be dishonest. As such, it is probably better to wait to join an online dating service until you and your spouse have officially separated. 

Do you spend lavishly?

Even if you do not mind paying for child-rearing expenses, you probably do not want to pay more in child support than you have to. If so, you must be cautious about your online dating profile. Trying to show off with expensive cars, fancy watches or any other lavish spending may make you look like you can pay more in support. 

Do you have beef with the judge?

Child custody cases can take a long time to resolve. During your case, you may occasionally or frequently disagree with the judge. Still, venting your anger while messaging someone on an online dating app is probably a mistake. As a general rule, you should assume anything you publish on an app or social media platform may become part of the public record. If you do not want your partner’s lawyer to read your musings in open court, you probably should not post them on apps. 

Even though going through a child custody battle can be stressful, your situation is likely to improve eventually. You do not, however, want to make matters worse. By understanding how online dating apps may affect your child custody matter, you can better strategize for avoiding common pitfalls.