Signs A Divorce Is On The Horizon

If you are consistently unhappy with your spouse in Florida, this is a good indication that divorce may be in the future. However, there are other signs that may or may not be as obvious. If you catch things early on, you both may be able to make changes to help save the marriage.

PsychCentral discusses the four main divorce predictors that marriage therapists identify. These are:

  • Stonewalling – one or both partners shut down and withdraw to avoid conflict
  • Criticism – attacking the other’s character or personality to be right
  • Contempt – behavior with the intent to insult the other person
  • Defensiveness – defending with a counter complaint or by making excuses

While all of these predictors may be present every once in a while in a marriage, if more than one are present on a consistent basis, couples need to take immediate action to repair their behavior. discusses additional signs that warn a divorce may be coming. Communication issues, such as not talking about difficult topics, can eventually lead to a break up. Fighting about little things is also a sign that couples are acting out to avoid discussing the main cause of the problem. Another warning sign is when your spouse continually goes out without you. This can indicate infidelity or issues with drugs or alcohol. If you do not want to go home to your spouse at the end of the day, this is also not a good sign.

Divorce may be down the road if one of you does not make the other a priority. This can lead to a roommate situation in which you are no longer in a loving relationship or friendship. It is also important to listen to your gut when certain situations present themselves.