How Can I Deal With A Spouse Making Our Divorce Difficult?

In Florida, there are couples getting divorced every day. Some of these couples may have an easy time ending their marriages while others may end up in a serious legal battle. If you fall into the last category, the chances are good that your divorce is dragging on because one of you is making things unnessaccarily difficult. 

If your spouse is the one who seems to be arguing over every little thing, refusing to make agreements and slowing the process down, then it is up to you to try to keep things moving. Dealing with a difficult spouse during a divorce can add extra time and money to the process. Your best bet is to reduce stress and get through the divorce is to follow some suggestions from the Huffington Post.

You might want to consider seeing a therapist to talk through your emotions. Divorce is hard enough but having to deal with a spouse who is making things even harder can be damaging to your mental health. Talking about the issues with a professional can help you to minimize the damage.

You should also keep documentation of everything. Make sure you keep records and organize them. Keep logs for all financial activities and make all agreements in writing, no matter how small they seem. 

You also need to use your attorney to help you with communications. The attorney can act as a neutral party to help you navigate things more easily. This information is for education only and is not intended as legal advice.