Most Common Mistakes Spouses Make On Divorce Paperwork

Florida has one of the highest divorce rates in the United States. As of 2017, there were approximately 4 divorcees out of every 1,000 residents. 

With numerous couples divorcing, the courts tend to become crowded. It can take a while for the divorce to finalize, but the process will take longer if the couple fails to submit the proper paperwork on time. Additionally, this paperwork needs to be free of errors, and there are many mistakes Florida residents tend to make. 

Filing late

After one spouse serves the others with divorce papers, the other spouse has 30 days to respond. In the event the paperwork does not go through in that period, it could lead to a case dismissal. Even if both spouses want a divorce, it feels stressful to sit down and sign the papers. It is critical to submit everything on time to avoid any unnecessary delays. 

Failing to include all debt

Both spouses need to be transparent with all their assets and debts. Any debts, including student loans and credit card debt, need to be present on the paperwork. This is particularly important if the debt accumulated during the course of the marriage. 

Listing an incorrect address

When a person recently moves, it is easy to accidentally write the wrong address. However, the wrong address means all pertinent court papers will go to the wrong place. Spouses need to remain highly vigilant so that these kinds of errors do not appear. 

Making inconsistencies with names

Unfortunately, a great deal of paperwork becomes lost or mixed together with the wrong documents because one or both spouses changed names. For example, a spouse may write his name as “Michael” on one paper but write “Mike” on another. This creates confusion and can ultimately lead to a rejection of the paperwork. While many people struggle with the paperwork, it is vital to do it correctly the first time to get through this period quickly.