What Should I Know About Alimony?

In case you are currently involved in a divorce suit in Sarasota, Florida, then you should be familiar with the legal term; alimony. In case you are facing a divorce case, then the court in its discretion may see it fitting to award support to your spouse upon divorce. This support basically is what is referred to as alimony in law. The support is awarded when you reach an amicable agreement with your former or as a court decision if you fail to reach an appropriate agreement. 

There a substantive difference between alimony and property division. Alimony does not also include any form of child support that a court rules on during a divorce case. 

The goal of spousal support is to reduce or avoid any dire economic consequences that usually come after a divorce. It ensures that your lower wage-earning partner will have a decent life after your divorce. If you are a lower wage-earning spouse who is recently divorced, alimony seeks to help you continue with the normal living that you enjoyed during your marriage. 

Courts in most states have sole discretion to decide whether to award you alimony or not. The court will also determine the amount to award and for how long. There are many factors that a court will consider before awarding spousal support. 

The court will consider your age, financial condition, and physical condition before deciding on your spousal support prayers. The court will also take into consideration the duration you need to undertake training that will make you financially independent. A judge will also seek to establish your standard of living while you were married.