A person signing divorce papers as wedding rings rest on the paper

Is Divorce Right For Me?

Not An Easy Question

Choosing to end a marriage via divorce is not an easy decision. Much thought and careful consideration about life after the process concludes must be given before making a decision about your future. While only you can answer if divorce is right for you, here are some questions to consider as you think about the road ahead.

Have You Shared Your Concerns?

While this might seem like an obvious question, sometimes ensuring that your marital concerns are shared with your spouse can help you determine if divorce is best for your situation. You may have thought you have shared all of your fears, but it’s possible that your spouse may have missed the true intention or meaning behind your words.

Can Your Marriage Be Saved?

Examine your current situation and marital issues and determine whether or not you and your spouse can work together to put aside your differences and save your relationship. The key, however, is that both of you need to put work in. If you believe that nothing will change no matter how much work you put in, then it’s fair to weigh divorce as an option.

Would You Be Happier Without Your Spouse?

Perhaps one of the more difficult questions to answer, you have to answer honestly if you believe you would be happier apart from your spouse. Think about what aspect of your relationship with your spouse makes you unhappy and if that would change if you were single again. If you are unhappy in your marriage, you might be happier after divorce, but that is dependent on your current situation.

Do You Still Love Your Spouse?

Even more difficult, you should determine whether you are truly in love with your spouse or if you are merely going through the motions of a day-to-day routine. If you still love your spouse, perhaps you try working things out. If not, then that is a clear sign things need to change.

Are You Prepared For the Process?

Divorce is a process that can be time-consuming and emotionally draining. You can feel confused, scared, hurt, and angry, which can cause you to make rash decisions. In addition, divorce can change your financial situation. Are you prepared for these difficult aspects of the process?

One way to help you determine your best option is to speak with an attorney who has helped others with divorce and can guide you on what your next step should be. At Schipani, Norman & McLain, P.A., we know that this kind of decision can weigh very heavily on your mind. We want to help however we can.

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