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3 signs of parental alienation

Divorce takes an inevitable toll on children, but in many cases, it is still the best option. If you have come to this conclusion, navigating the new dynamics of single parenting can be a challenge. Kids will typically adjust to their new living situation, but in some instances, a divorce can trigger a child’s hostility towards one parent. This can be further exacerbated if the other parent encourages such anger towards their ex. 

How does same-sex divorce affect child custody in Florida?

Although federal law has allowed for same-sex marriage across the nation, state laws on same-sex divorce are still trying to catch up. Just as heterosexual couples are prone to divorce, so are LGBTQ couples. Divorce is already messy enough under any circumstance and even more so when children are involved. Adding in the same-sex factor can complicate things even further.

How to tell your kids their parents are getting a divorce

After you and your spouse file for divorce in the Sarasota area, you might want to focus on your emotions while you rely on your divorce attorney to help you navigate legal matters. However, there are still some major responsibilities you must undertake if you have children.

3 tips for preventing international child abduction

Child abduction is your worst nightmare as a parent. If you and your international spouse are going through marital troubles or a custody dispute, you should be on the lookout for red flags. While you may want to assume the other parent has the best intentions, you never know what people may do when they are desperate and angry.

2 signs of parental alienation during divorce

If you are in the middle of a bitter and painful divorce and you have kids, there is a strong possibility that their other parent will try to turn them against you. You may feel your children are old enough not to fall prey to your ex-partner’s tactics. But they are young, impressionable and not necessarily capable of knowing their other parent is manipulating them. 

How can divorce affect my business assets?

As a Florida business owner, if you are planning to get married or contemplating divorce, it is important to think about how separation can impact your company. Being an entrepreneur makes your situation different from most separation cases. Ideally, you could rely on a prenuptial and postnuptial contract to protect your company. 

3 considerations for protecting real estate during your divorce

If you know your divorce is inevitable, you are probably already feeling unpleasant. Along with all the emotional difficulties come financial pains. Marital separation can have a huge impact on your real estate assets. If you are worrying about how your divorce will affect your home or other property, you should learn some ways to mitigate the damage.

What can you accomplish with a prenuptial agreement?

If you are getting ready to marry in Florida, congratulations! Marriage can change your life dramatically, but it is not always easy, and it is not always without disagreement. One way to minimize marital disagreements and possibly prevent them before they arise is to create a prenuptial agreement, which is a legally binding contract that applies to you and your future spouse and takes effect once you marry.

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