When you are getting a divorce, one of your worst fears is how it will impact your kids. You may think it will emotionally scar them forever. While a divorce is often difficult for children to experience, they can grow up to be happy and healthy individuals.

Your breakup does not need to cause irreparable psychological damage to your children. Believe it or not, raising happy children during and after divorce is possible. Here is some advice for being a positive parent throughout the end of your marriage.

1. Seek joint custody

While you may want to be the sole custodial parent, this may not be the best for your children. Unless the other parent is abusive or dangerous, you may want to try to establish joint custody. Your children will fare better when they have good connections with both parents. Co-parenting may be a struggle, but it may be the best option for the overall well-being of your kids.

2. Strive for emotional stability

If you are unpredictable, distant or lash out in anger, your children will suffer emotionally. While it is normal to go through some ups and downs throughout your divorce, try your best to be a stable, open and responsive parent. You may need to go to therapy to learn how to manage your emotions so that you can provide love, exercise fair discipline and be emotionally available to your kids.

3. Establish new routines

You may not be able to keep all the same routines when you and your spouse split. If your children go from house to house, try to come up with new routines with the other parent. Coming up with new routines within a new structure will give your kids the stability they need to transition.

Parenting through a divorce may require a lot of hard work, but it is possible. Follow these guidelines and you will see a positive effect on your kids.