Tell Us About Your Parental Relocation Matter

If you are divorced parent, relocation carries complications for both you and your ex. Whether you are the parent who wants to move or you are concerned about the effect your ex’s move will have on your visitation rights, now is a time when you need legal advice. In Florida, a parent with primary physical custody of a child cannot move more than 50 miles without court approval if their ex has court-ordered visitation rights. At Schipani & Norman, P.A. in Sarasota, our lawyers represent parents who wish to relocate as well as parents who are opposed to their ex moving with their children. Several factors must be addressed when a parent petitions the court to relocate with children, including:

  • Where will the family live?
  • What is the reason for the move? A new job? Education? To be closer to extended family?
  • How will the parent who is not moving spend time with the child?
  • Who will pay for travel expenses for visitation?
  • Will child support need to be modified to cover travel costs?

Our lawyers will work with you to address your concerns. We will help you prepare a complete and compelling case to support your goals and the best interests of your children.

For More Information About Relocation Of A Custodial Parent

If you have questions about parental relocation after divorce, we invite you to contact us or call 941-549-8981 to schedule a meeting. We are open 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays, and our attorneys are happy to meet with you during evening or weekend hours by appointment.