Changing Child Support And Custody In Sarasota

Post-judgment modifications are common following divorce proceedings. At Schipani & Norman, P.A. in Sarasota, Florida, we understand that life changes — people move, people get new jobs and people retire. Our lawyers have handled many modifications, and we will use this experience to help you. The three central aspects of any divorce are alimony, custody and child support. Many things happen in life to affect the standards by which these judgments were originally made.
If circumstances have changed in your life that alter your needs or your ability to meet the original requirements, please contact a Sarasota divorce modification lawyer at 941-549-8981.

Florida Child Support Attorney

There are standards attached to each of the three central themes:

  • Alimony: Has your financial need increased or has your ability to pay increased? Is the receiving spouse now cohabitating? Has your ability to pay decreased or have you retired?
  • Custody: Child custody law and modifications carry a complex standard. The question that is always asked first and foremost is, “Is this change in the best interest of the child?” Post-judgment modifications in child custody can be complex and are held to a high standard.
  • Child support: Many life changes can affect the original child support judgment. Has the child turned 18? Is the child now living apart from the receiving spouse? Is the child now considered a special-needs child? Our attorneys will work with you to provide answers to these and many more questions.

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