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Through the advancements in DNA testing, some issues in establishing paternity have become quite simple. Other issues remain complex. The attorneys at Schipani and Norman, P.A. in Sarasota are able to help you. We will work to clarify your goals and take action to make those goals a reality.

Signatures (or lack thereof) on a child's birth certificate, affidavits of paternity, the putative father registry and paternity tests are all very important, and the legal process surrounding them is full of technicalities. For example, if a father's name is not on the birth certificate and he has not signed an affidavit of paternity, and the mother later marries another person, that marriage usually terminates the biological father's rights to that child. These are extremely complicated matters with life-altering consequences.

The main thing to remember is that the child is not presumed to be the father's until marriage or until it is established in court. We understand paternity action law and can use our experience to your benefit. The law states that until we can establish your paternity, the mother is the child's primary guardian.

Our lawyers represent both fathers and mothers in paternity actions. We also handle parenting plan and support issues that result from the determination. If you need a Sarasota paternity attorney you can trust, contact us at 941-549-8981.

Understanding Florida Child Custody Laws

There are many laws surrounding child custody and the child of marriage classification. If a child is born before the marriage or during a separation, Florida still presumes him or her to be a child of marriage.

If there is any question, we must act quickly to disestablish paternity. There is a very specific time frame in which we must act to prevent you from paying child support for a child who is not genetically yours. Once that money is paid, you cannot recover it after a paternity disestablishment finding.

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