Need A Legal Name Change?

Legal name change refers to the process of changing your name in the eyes of the government and other official organizations. The process can be completed for an individual, a family or a child. In the case of a child’s name change, both parents must consent. Typically, the process is straightforward. A legal name change can also happen relatively quickly, with many cases concluding in a month. A background check will be completed and several forms must be filled out.

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The Rules Can Be Confusing

The process of changing your name begins with a formal request to the court. The court can deny the name change request if you are a convicted felon and your civil rights have not been restored or if you have filed for bankruptcy in the past seven years.

There are also considerations to make while choosing your new name, as the court may deny your request. If you have chosen a name that is intentionally confusing or contains threatening or obscene words, your request may be denied. If you have questions regarding this process, we invite you to contact a Sarasota name change lawyer for a consultation.

Contact A Florida Child Name Change Attorney

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